Tricep Exercises

The secret of getting bigger arms

Arms are obviously very important parts of our body. We are dependent on our arms for most of our daily work. Besides that they also represent strength and power. A person with bigger arms is considered to be more powerful and is generally respected by others. Thus, you should focus your workout on arms if you want to be the badass of your area. Here are a few tips for you.


  • Most people only think of biceps when it comes to arms. They put all their time and effort on biceps and thus are unable to get desired results. But if you want to look bigger, you should put equal or in fact more effort into triceps. Look for the best tricep exercises online and give it your best. You will soon start getting results.
  • The key to bigger size is lifting more weights. While doing your bicep and tricep exercises, you should keep increasing weights after every couple of weeks until you have reached the desired size. After that you can keep it steady to avoid oversize.
  • To really display strength and power through your arms you need to go beyond biceps and triceps. Your forearms and wrists also need to be worked on. You need to gain a proportional size throughout your arm for the proper results.
  • Workouts will not be effective if you are not getting a proper diet. After having a good workout, you need to eat healthy and nutritious food to get the real size.