Tricep Workouts

Things to keep in mind while working on triceps

Training triceps is very hard as there is no direct movement of this muscle. You can easily figure out which motion will engage your biceps or chest or shoulders. But triceps motions are not easy to understand. That’s why many people are unable to do tricep workouts properly. They are thus not able to make this muscle grow. Here are a few tips that can help you out.


  • While doing the workout, you should make sure that triceps are making all the effort. If you are not doing it right, the pressure might go to your shoulders. You will easily be able to tell whether that is happening or not. If it is, ask and expert for help and improve the way you are performing the exercise. Until you have acquired the right position, you will not get the desired results.
  • Many people are unable to get the full range of motion because they are lifting more weights. You should not do that. Lift less weight if you want, but do not compromise with the movement. When you have perfected the motion, you can then increase weights.
  • Most of the tricep workouts demand you to have a steady elbow. You will fold the arms and then unfold them during the exercise. But the elbow joint should be steady. If it is flittering then you are lifting more weight than you should. This not only reduces the effect of workout, but also increases the chances of injury.