Waist Trainer

What is waist trainer?

Waist trainer, also known as the corset, is a device from the 16th century and is believed to reduce the size of the waist just by wearing it for few hours daily. The basic fundamental behind its use is that the wearing of corset compresses the mid body and in few days time the mid body takes the shape of the corset. The use of corset is considered to be a very easy way of bringing your mid body region in proper and socially acceptable shape. This device of the feudal era is considered by many celebrity actresses to be their tool to a shapely waist.

Advantages of the waist trainer

A waist trainer gives you the desired shape of your belly without much of efforts. All you have to do is wear it for few hours every day and the rest will be taken care by the corset itself. The corset can be worn at any time of the day. There is no problem in doing any kind of work wearing the corset because it also supports the posture of the body.

Disadvantages of the waist trainer

Though considered an easy option there is a considerable risk associated with wearing of the waist trainer. The waist trainer compresses the abdominal cavity along with the rib cage and diaphragm which even makes it difficult to breathe properly. There have been reported many instances where the women wore the waist trainer for longer hours and due to lack of oxygen they fainted.