Weight Loss Before And After

Before and after: motivate yourself

When you start your regimen of losing weight you must keep a record of many things such as:

  • Weight: weighing yourself before the start of the regimen gives an idea of what you want and how much you to lose weight. You must weigh yourself regularly so that you are not only informed of your progress but also get motivated to continue the exercise. Since exercising is a tedious process and that too initially, a motivational factor is essential till the time your body gets used to the new lifestyle.
  • Measurements: weighing gives an idea about the gross weight that you may want to shed but the specific body parts lose weight differently. So, you must measure the shoulders, the bust, the waist, the hip the arms and the thighs before launching your regimen. This should be done regularly to know the results of your efforts and if any changes are required.
  • Pictures: taking pictures is helpful on a long term basis. Pictures help you ascertain what look you would want to achieve from the efforts you are putting in.

Weight loss: before and after records of different people are strewn across internet. You can take inspiration from those people by looking at those pictures or by posting a few pictures of your own. When you post pictures of your own you tend to become obliged to continue the regimen due to the fact that you want to prove it to yourself and the others who are following you on internet that you can do it. It then becomes motto and aim to achieve the goal.