Weight Loss In A Month

It is possible but go with caution

The dream of losing weight is a dream that everyone sees. For this they do what not? They starve; they pop those lose weight fast pills and powder. But all these and many more efforts are in vain if you do not understand how your body works. Your body is built to save itself in the times of crisis. When you starve, or get dehydrated because of the effect of those pills the body assumes that it is crisis period and to cope up it slows down the metabolism. This way the weight loss becomes a tedious process and the net result is zero or increase in weight. If you are hungry your hypothalamus (a part of brain) will never let you think of anything but food. Also due to chronic starvation you may become deficient in many vitamins and micronutrients making you look famished and unhealthy.

The solution to the problem

The solution to the problem is that if you want weight loss in a month it can be made possible by going with the flow of nature and not by fighting the natural processes of the body. These are a few simple tips that will help you lose as much as 10 pounds in one month time:

  • Exercise: 45 minutes of cardio every day is going to push your body to lose weight. Try to incorporate the technique of variation in you exercise
  • Diet: the diet should be low calorie and high fiber. This will not give your body the signals of you starving and still get you in shape
  • Routine: body loves routine so sleeping, waking up and having meals at a designated time is also important.