Workout Plans

2 bodybuilding workout plans for men

Most people are confused to pick up the right workout plans suitable for them. If you are a beginner, your first step should be determining your primary goals. If you are looking to lose weight, you must follow a fitness program. If you want to run faster, join a running training program. If your goal is body building, you must join a gym and follow a routine that work best for you. The truth is, your body can do so many things, but only a goal, will pull your body to the direction you need.

2 body building workout plans

Anyone who is looking seriously to set up muscles, their top priority should be choosing the right bodybuilding workout program. You will find a wide range of workouts, but choose one suitable for your need.

  1. The five x five programs

It is a quite popular program for people who are looking to increase their strength and muscle mass. You must perform three main exercises targeting the main muscle group in your body. You must repeat the five sets of exercise five times and by the end of the workout, you may add a few sets of exercise. The exercise will slowly increase the frequency of training every day with the release of testosterone promoting muscle mass growth.

  1. German volume training

This is a high volume muscle building program which requires ten repetitions for each set of exercise. The program focuses two main muscle groups per day and follow the course three days a week.