Workout Routines

Why get up from that couch?

“Ah Yes, I know Exercise is good for health. But you know it’s mainly for those who are fat. I don’t really need it.” Ding! You couldn’t be more wrong, lady.

Exercise is an absolute must; whether we need to lose weight, maintain weight, tone our body, get rid of aches or avoid getting those tell tale aches. Exercise stimulates the brain. Hence, it also lowers stress levels, battles depression and boosts memory. So why not work in a little exercise into our daily routine.

Let’s get off that couch, make way for a little “Me” time and set our priorities straight. Make a plan to take care of our body and make a workout routine for ourselves.

Each of us are made differently, have different routines, different stamina levels, different requirements. We need to gauge ourselves and select a proper workout routine. Beginners without aiming for too much should start with something simple and build up gradually.

These days there are several types of workout routines. Routines can be a little different for men and women. Yoga and meditation is said to be very beneficial. Pilates is great too. People who are musically inclined also try out dance exercises. Zumba dancing is very much the “In” thing. Women who are flexible even try Pole dancing. Whatever the routine, it needs to be on a regular basis. So, come on, let’s get up from that couch and say “hello” to a healthy and happy “Me”.